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Working close with the food industry since 1950 Travaglini S.p.a., is the world’s leader in the manufacturing of drying, smoking, aging systems and industrial automation for cured meat, fish and cheese.
We are glad to present a complete turnkey solution which represents an innovative system of Vertical Farming for the handling of the crops and for the control of the production process with an advanced air treatment system in a clean room environment.
We have achieved unbelievable results, thanks to an extremely accurate airflow distribution in ISO Class Classified Environment, to an efficient automation and to a Machine Learning software.
Due to our professional experience and using the most advanced technological and informatics knowledge, we are capable to satisfy any production request in the design of a single machines and of an entire plant.
Thanks to our highly qualified technological services, we are prepared to propose to our customers new production technologies and to support them in solving all production issues.


  • Certified clean room; high quality and contamination controlled environment to protect the product.
  • Absolute air filters.
  • Overpressure : positive differential pressure between growing area and external environement to avoid fine particulate and pollution infiltration.
  • Balanced air flow distribution between each layer.
  • Fiberglass isolated enclosure and ducts.
  • Accurate temperature and humidity control.


  • Heat recovery.
  • Free cooling.
  • Economizer :
    • Variable Frequency Drive
    • High efficency fan blade profile
    • Modulating/proportional control of cooling and heating valves